LeBron James calls for non-violence after Brelo verdict


LeBron James has not feared speaking out issues beyond basketball.

He wore an “I CAN’T BREATHE” shirt following the death of Eric Garner, offered thoughts on Ferguson and brought attention to Trayvon Martin’s death.

Now, he’s responding to the not-guilty verdict of Michael Brelo, a Cleveland police officer charged with manslaughter. Brelo was among several police who fired 137 shots into a car containing an unarmed couple. He mounted the car’s hood and, according to prosecutors, fired the fatal shots.

LeBron, via Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

James echoed his December statements, urging Clevelanders not to escalate the situation through violence and destruction.

“Violence is not the answer, and it’s all about trying to find a solution for good or for bad,” James said Saturday. “For me, in any case, anything that goes on in our world or in our America, the only people that we should be worried about [are] the families that’s lost loved ones. You can’t get them back. You can never get them back. We should worry about the families and how they’re doing and things of that nature.”

James did not offer a specific opinion about whether he felt the Brelo decision was just, saying he wanted to gather more information about the case before speaking his mind.

“Obviously I’m going to take a look at it and read up on it, and if I get more knowledge about it, then I may give a statement, I may say something,” he said.

I hope LeBron is denouncing violence not just of protestors, but also when it’s perpetrated by the police.