DeMarre Carroll says Kyle Korver needs ankle surgery, may be out 4-6 months


So, here’s the last thing the Hawks need right now. After a hard-fought overtime loss to the Cavs to go down 3-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals, an emotional affair in which Al Horford was ejected, one of the Hawks’ many injuries may have implications that go well beyond this likely-over playoff series. Kyle Korver, diagnosed Saturday with a “severe high right ankle sprain,” could be out a while.

DeMarre Carroll, who’s playing through a knee injury himself, let this slip to’s K.L. Chouinard:

The Hawks haven’t made an official announcement, but the injury looked really, really bad, and even after the initial diagnosis, the team said Korver was meeting with a specialist to determine the next steps. If it is indeed as Carroll said it is, and Korver needs surgery, that’s bad. Really bad. It puts Korver in danger of missing the start of next season, and could even impact whether GM Danny Ferry decides to bring this group back next season.

The last week hasn’t gone great for the Hawks on any level. This is just the latest twist to a disappointing end of a season.