Stephen Curry sets record for most threes in playoffs, passing Reggie Miller


It took Reggie Miller 22 games to hit 58 three pointers in the 2000 playoffs.

Stephen Curry broke that record Saturday night with his 59th three pointer of these playoffs — in 13 games.

Curry has taken 11.2 threes a game these playoffs and hit 42.5 percent of them. He has been nothing short of phenomenal.

What separates Curry as a three-point shooter is what you see in that shot to set the record. No, not the ridiculous range, although that helps too. Rather, it’s his ability to create his own three pointer off the dribble — he has hit a ridiculously high percentage of those in the postseason. Most guys can either shoot the three off the bounce or off the catch, he can do both almost equally well. Making him that much harder to stop.

Nobody has figured out how this postseason.