Report: Pelicans interested in Jeff Van Gundy, Scott Brooks


If the Bulls are trying to leverage the Pelicans and Magic for compensation for Tom Thibodeau, New Orleans isn’t cooperating.

The Pelicans are looking at other candidates – reportedly interviewing Alvin Gentry and getting linked to John Calipari.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

New Orleans has also been making calls on former Houston Rockets and New York Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy, league sources said. New Orleans has an interest in former Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks too, sources said.

Van Gundy hasn’t coached in eight years, and he seems happy as a color commentator. He did a good job with the Rockets and Knicks, and it’s worth exploring exploring  his interest. Getting him to the accept the job just seems unlikely.

Brooks is reportedly also a candidate in Orlando, and he did a good – not great – job with the Thunder. Like Oklahoma City, New Orleans has probably grown past the point he fits.

Anthony Davis and crew are ready to win now. They need someone adept at making adjustments through a playoff series.

That’s probably Thibodeau, Gentry or Van Gundy. The Pelicans are doing well to pursue those candidates.

They key is choosing one and getting him to accept an offer.