Why didn’t Marcin Gortat play much during Game 6? Food poisoning.


Marcin Gortat started the second half for the Wizards in Game 6, played 4:10, then never set foot on the court again. Ultimately, the Wizards were eliminated by the Hawks. Washington could have used Gortat’s rebounding, his defense in the paint, his big picks, but he never got back in the game, coach Randy Whittman calling Kevin Seraphin’s number.


Food poisoning, reports our friend J. Michael at CSNWashington.com.

“March was sick all night last night, throwing up all day today, IVs last night, IVs all day today, he tried to do what he could do but he didn’t have any energy,” coach Randy Wittman said. “I appreciate him giving me the effort and trying.”


Seraphin played fairly well, with 13 playoff points. Nene played in crunch time for the Wizards, he had five points in what had been a challenging series for him. But the Wizards missed what Gortat brings in the biggest game of the season.

Just another tough break in what had been series of tough breaks for the Wizards.