NBA confirms officials made correct call in waving off Paul Pierce’s game-tying three vs. Hawks


Paul Pierce did it again — until the replay showed that he didn’t.

That’s the short version of what went down at the end of Game 6 between the Hawks and the Wizards, when Pierce appeared to knock down a ridiculously difficult three-point shot to tie things up at the end of regulation, and thus force an overtime session that would extend Washington’s season for at least another five minutes.

The call on the floor was that the shot was good, but after going to the replay, the officials determined that the ball — ever so slightly — was still on Pierce’s fingertips just after time expired.

A day later, the league’s Last Two Minute report confirmed that the call was right.

“After communicating with the Replay Center, the ruling on the court that Pierce’s (WAS) successful three-point field goal was released before time expired was overturned,” the report said.

There wasn’t really any controversy about this at the time; the video seemed to show fairly clearly that the ball was still touching Pierce’s hand as the red lights went on, indicating that the clock had run out.

But the publishing of these reports continues to be a welcome effort at transparency nonetheless.