Report: Tom Thibodeau interested in coaching Pelicans


In 2010, Tom Thibodeau held offers from Chicago and New Orleans.

He, of course, chose the Bulls.

Was he more persuaded by something about Chicago or dissuaded by something about New Orleans?

It’s an important question now, because Thibodeau is reportedly nearing his end with the Bulls and the Pelicans are interested in him.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

NBA coaching sources say there is unquestioned mutual interest between Thibodeau and the Pelicans, with Thibs naturally said to be very intrigued by the possibility of coaching Davis full-time after working with him last summer as a Team USA assistant alongside Williams under Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Anthony Davis, who wasn’t with New Orleans, in 2010 would be a game-changer. He’s the NBA’s youngest superstar and has so much room to get even better. But I never sensed Thibodeau has a problem with New Orleans pre-Davis, anyway.

Of course, it’s not as simple as Thibodeau and the Pelicans wanting to join forces. Because he’s under contract two more years with the Bulls, they have a say.

The Magic are also interested in the coach and offering compensation. The Pelicans will probably have to do the same to get Thibodeau out of his deal, which they surely know.

There are many candidates, and though I wouldn’t take anyone over the field, Thibodeau is probably the favorite at this point to become New Orleans’ next coach.