PBT Extra with NBASavant.com: Bulls lack of shooting did them in


Cleveland’s defense isn’t that good. It certainly improved mid-season with the additions of Timofey Mozgov and Iman Shumpert (as well as system changes to play to their strengths) but it was never more than a little above average.

Not that you would have known that watching them against the Bulls this past series.

But the issue was more the Bulls’ lack of shooting and how that made things easier on the Cavaliers than anything the Cavs did brilliantly. And the stats at NBASavant.com bear that out.

PBT has partnered with the fantastic NBASavant.com to break down the Sports VU Camera data and look more closely at the advanced stats of the NBA playoffs and what decided a series.

Cleveland’s defense is still going to get exposed; it just may be the Finals before the run into a team that can do it. The fact Chicago couldn’t should raise a lot of red flags in the Windy City.