After Cavaliers advance to conference finals, J.R. Smith takes jab at Knicks


J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert can be solid complementary role players on a team.

In New York, there wasn’t much to complement (or compliment, for that matter).

But the pair have fit in well with the Cavaliers — a team that was in need of depth and quality role players — and helped Cleveland past Chicago to advance to the conference finals.

After Thursday’s game, Smith took a little dig at the Knicks on Instagram.

Smith was not long for the Knicks after Phil Jackson came to town — there may be no player that is a worse fit for the triangle offense than Smith. It was a question of when he would go, not if. The divorce was not smooth, and clearly J.R. still has a little resentment. There certainly are some club owners in NYC that miss Smith as well.

I’m sure that Jackson is not losing sleep over any of this.