Report: Raptors getting black-and-gold Drake-inspired alternate jerseys (photo)


The Raptors hired Drake to help them rebrand the franchise.

But, so far, his most notable accomplishments are getting the team fined for tampering with Kevin Durant and rolling lint courtside.

Despite speculation of a black-and-gold theme to match Drake’s OVO label, the Raptors’ new logo was still red and black.

Now, Toronto is finally introducing some black and gold.

Chris Creamer of

To be clear, Creamer saw Toronto’s new uniforms then created illustrations of them. So, these might not be totally accurate, but I trust they’re close enough.

I mostly like these clean/simple jerseys, including the notches on the side – which, as Creamer notes, are a staple of Raptors jerseys.

The black-and-gold alternate is a little gimmicky, but it’s not as if the Raptors have a rich history to offend.