Report: Pelicans waiting for Tom Thibodeau


The Magic might be delaying their coaching search for Tom Thibodeau.

If so, they aren’t the only ones.

John Reid of The Times Picayune:

League sources confirmed on Wednesday that the Pelicans are waiting to see if the Chicago Bulls and coach Tom Thibodeau are going to part ways.

Thibodeau, reportedly on the rocks in Chicago, would make sense in New Orleans.

He has a relationship with Anthony Davis from Team USA, and Thibodeau nearly took the New Orleans job in 2010 before choosing the Bulls.

Like the Magic, the Pelicans would have to offer Chicago compensation and likely Thibodeau a raise. The Bulls could try turning this into a bidding war, but Thibodeau will have a say in his destination.

The Pelicans are the only playoff team to change coaches (so far), and a win-now coach like Thibodeau would fit their vision. From his perspective, it’d be difficult to turn down coaching a generational player like Davis.

Thibodeau’s Bulls tenure could end tonight, but even if it takes longer, he’s worth the wait for New Orleans. He’s not only the best coach potentially on the market, he’s just what the Pelicans want – someone who can help lift them to the next level as quickly as possible.