Mike Conley details facial injury: ‘I think I’m dying’


Mike Conley’s facial injury was bad. We could see that.

But just how troublesome was it in the throes of the aftermath?

Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated:

Conley’s jaw was in such a state that he could only attempt to eat tiny servings of apple sauce. It would have to do. He ate what he could and followed the rules to the letter. His body had other plans; whether due to how little he could choke down, the strength of his painkiller’s dosage, or a combination thereof, Conley spent his night revisiting every bit of food or drink he dared to put in his system.

“That night, I was throwing up,” Conley said. “And every time I threw up—because when you do it, you can’t really control this—I’d have to open my mouth. It would just kill me because I couldn’t really open my mouth. Then, all of a sudden, blood would come out of my nose and I was like: I think I’m dying. It was crazy.”

That might be hyperbole, but reading the preceding description, it sounds like a completely reasonable conclusion to draw.

A reminder: Conley is playingand mostly playing well – in the second round. If that didn’t already seem incredible, read the rest of Mahoney’s article, which details Conley’s difficult path back to the court.