Watch Stephen Curry look like MVP, drop 33 on Grizzlies in win


Golden State made a few key adjustments heading into Game 4. For one, they defended Tony Allen with a big and gave him wide open jump shots he can’t hit consistently. Second, they attacked Zach Randolph with the pick-and-roll every chance they got.

That second one — plus the fact his shot started to be in rhythm again — had Stephen Curry looking like the MVP. Curry dropped 33 on Memphis, but the impressive part was he didn’t score in the first 8:28 of the game, looking instead to set others up and let the offense find its pace and what worked without him. Then things opened up for him; he hit a 16-foot pull-up jumper, and the floodgates opened.

Other Warriors had big nights as well — Draymond Green had 16 points, 10 rebounds — but the big key was simply getting open looks and hitting them. For Curry, 12 of his 22 shots were uncontested, and he hit eight of those dozen good looks.