PBT Extra: Monty Williams is out in New Orleans, who replaces him?


Maybe it’s not fair to Monty Williams.

The Pelicans got better each year he was there. They made the playoffs this year. He had a built a strong relationship with Anthony Davis and helped develop him into one of the NBA’s top players.

Yet Williams was fired on Tuesday.

If Williams is out, look for the Pelicans to go defense first — a team with Davis and Omer Asik in the paint shouldn’t be 22nd in the league in defensive efficiency.

Tom Thibodeau is the first name that comes up if you ask around the league, but the Pelicans would have to wait and see how things play out in Chicago. Then they would need to open up the checkbook. But this is the best fit (and the buzz is Thibs would be open to it, he developed a relationship with Davis on Team USA last summer).

If not, expect guys like Mike Malone and Scott Brooks to be among those who get a look.