Bradley Beal, did Kyle Korver travel on Hawks’ final possession of Game 4? ‘Yeah, but they didn’t call it’


The Hawks held on for a Game 4 win over the Wizards on Monday, thanks in part to a wide-open three-pointer that was missed by Paul Pierce that could have tied it with just a few seconds left.

Atlanta’s Paul Millsap was fouled intentionally on the ensuing possession, and he calmly sank two free throws to seal the victory, and put the game out of reach.

But Millsap received the ball from Kyle Korver, who appeared to have traveled before he made the pass.

At least that’s how Bradley Beal saw it.

Beal was asked whether he thought Korver traveled in the closing seconds, right before Millsap was fouled and scored the game’s last two points.

“Yeah, but they didn’t call it,” Beal said. “Oh, well.”

It’s not a completely obvious travel, because the officials could have decided that Korver didn’t fully have possession as his feet were sliding into place.

But if the travel was called, the Wizards would have gotten one more chance at a game-tying three, and given Pierce’s recent history of heroics, who knows how that second chance might have turned out.