Mirza Teletovic says he hopes to stay in Brooklyn, will stay in NBA


If you remember Mirza Teletovic from last season, it’s probably for this disaster during Game 2 of the Nets loss to the Hawks.

But the fact Teletovic was even in that game was a great story — he had been diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs back in January and had gone through a tough regimen and rehab just to get back on the court. And adjust his shoes.

Now the question about Teletovic is where he lands next season, he is a restricted free agent this summer. He’s a 6’8″ forward who shot 39 percent from three a couple seasons ago and looked like a player with promise. That promise got clotted up last season, but there may be teams interested in him if they can land the Bosnian at a fair price.

But he wants to stay in Brooklyn, reports Nets Daily.

“I like Brooklyn, people are great, I know the team and everyone, especially doctors, treated me great when all that happened. I really would like to stay in Brooklyn,” he said referring to the multiple blood clots found in his lungs in January. “I know my team-mates and everything is really great. I do not know what will be, but I’ll know more in June when free agent market starts,” he told reporters, including Igor Marinovic of Sportske Novosti, who translated his answers for NetsDaily.

As always, it will come down to money. Will another team, one that misses out on a couple targets, overpay some for Teletovic on hopes he can return to form? Would the Nets match the offer?

Teletovic said that he will not return to Europe to play for their club teams next season. He also said he does plan to play for the Bosnian national team this summer.

Teletovic said he thinks the Nets will be better next season in their second year under Hollins.

“I think we had a good season, given the fact that they changed the coach and teammates. Deron (Williams), Brook (Lopez), Joe (Johnson) and I are the only players who have not changed. I think it is important for the Nets to stay with the same system. Some changes good and some bad … but it is very difficult when there are a lot of changes.”