Joakim Noah denies Twitter feud with Cardale Jones: “I wish him nothing but the best”


CHICAGO — Joakim Noah wants it to be known that he has no problem with Cardale Jones. In fact, he says he barely even knows the Ohio State quarterback. A Cleveland radio personality tweeted last night that Noah made a disparaging remark about Jones when he was shown on the Jumbotron during the Bulls’ Game 2 loss to the Cavs in Cleveland on Wednesday.

Jones fired back later that night on Twitter:

To Noah, it’s all a distraction.

“I heard about it this morning,” the 2013-14 Defensive Player of the Year said after practice on Thursday when asked about Jones’ tweets. “I didn’t know who he was until this morning. I wish him nothing but the best. I like [former University of Florida football coach and current Ohio State coach] Urban Meyer, I guess?”

Noah insisted that he tunes out everything during the playoffs.

“I’m not watching videos,” he said. “I’m not talking to people during timeouts. I’m trying to focus on winning. I’m serious. I have never talked to Cordell? Cardale? I’m just getting ready and focused for these games.”