Draymond Green hits fallen Mike Conley in face, makes peace with Zach Randolph (video)


Mike Conley, returning from a facial injury, has scored a game-high 11 points to lead the Grizzlies to a 50-39 halftime lead over the Warriors.

But he faced a scary moment late in the second quarter.

The Memphis point guard fell to the floor on a drive, and he tried to call timeout. Draymond Green went for the ball and hit Conley in the face in the process.

Dirty? It’s tough to judge intent. Green was definitely going for the ball, but if Conley didn’t have a broke face, maybe Green would have reached for it at a different angle. It’s impossible to say.

Conley remained in the game, and Green tried to ensure fellow Michigan State Spartan Zach Randolph he had no ill intent.