Tony Allen on MVP Stephen Curry: “It ain’t nothing I ain’t never seen before”


Stephen Curry had a game-high 22 points on 8-of-18 shooting in the Warriors blowout Game 1 win, plus dishing out seven assists. He was 4-of-8 from three but struggled a little inside the arc, shooting just 3-of-6 inside eight feet. Not a vintage performance but he drew the attention of Grizzlies defenders leaving room for Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and others to do their thing.

The Grizzlies seemed to have their best success with a no point guard lineup and putting defensive ace Tony Allen on Curry. Any success the Grizzlies had was relative, but it was something to try in Game 2 depending on the status of Mike Conley.

Allen is not overly impressed with Curry, he told Nate Stuhlbarg of

“He can shoot the ball pretty good and he got a nice handle,” Allen said when asked what makes Curry special. “But it ain’t nothing I ain’t never seen before.”

We’ll just ignore the double negative… actually, that’s a triple negative. Impressive.

To be fair, Allen also said Curry’s MVP was “well deserved,” but he may not have wanted to poke the game’s best shooter.

I disagree with Allen on these grounds: Who have we seen like Curry before? How do you answer the question “Curry is like player X?” Who is the comp? We’ve seen great shooters before, great ball handlers before, great floor generals before, but rarely in the same package. Curry’s skill set is perfect to run a modern NBA offense because he can work on or off the ball equally well, plus is a gifted passer. There are no good comps for him.

When you run into a player that is hard to compare to anyone else before, you know you have a special talent.