Lone voter who omitted James Harden from MVP ballot entirely says it was an error


James Harden appeared on 129 of 130 MVP ballots, losing the award to Stephen Curry.

The one voter who left off Harden – Chris Haynes of Cleveland.com – says it was inadvertent.

Haynes posted his picks last month, but at least for MVP, that’s not one the NBA counted.

Haynes’ intended ballot:

  • 1. Stephen Curry
  • 2. LeBron James
  • 3. James Harden
  • 4. Anthony Davis
  • 5. Chris Paul

Haynes counted ballot:

  • 1. Stephen Curry
  • 2. LeBron James
  • 3. Anthony Davis
  • 4. Russell Westbrook
  • 5. Chris Paul

It’s not clear what happened, but Haynes called it “an oversight on my part.”

To Harden fans, this is another example of their guy getting shafted. At least this mix-up didn’t affect the final order.

However, if you think this was the only – or even just the second – error in award balloting, you’re probably fooling yourself. These things happen. Kudos to Haynes for addressing it so promptly, which was the only good recourse at this point.

Hopefully, these problems just avoided in the future, but I’m not counting on it.