PBT Extra with NBASavant.com: Derrick Rose got it done on both ends in first round


On the offensive side of the court it was more obvious — Derrick Rose was in attack mode again. For that matter, so was Jimmy Butler. Combined the Chicago guards took 41.9 percent of their shots in the first round in the paint.

But Rose was getting it done on both ends of the court.

PBT has partnered with the fantastic NBASavant.com to break down the Sports VU Camera data and look more closely at the advanced stats of the NBA playoffs and what decided a series.

What NBASavant.com found was that Rose was getting in close to the man he was defending and held them to 39 percent shooting in the first round.

He’s going to need to play with that same determination in the next round because Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers present a much bigger offensive challenge.