Report: Arron Afflalo expected to opt out, test free agent market


When the Blazers traded for Arron Afflalo it seemed like a smart move — he’s a quality two-way wing player who could hit threes and provide them some depth. Portland was looking at a deep playoff run, so it seemed worth their 2016 first-round pick.

However, thanks to the combination of a shoulder injury plus Afflalo being forced into the starting lineup with Wes Matthews out it all went sideways. While he scored a little more than 10 points a game (and shot 40 percent from three) Afflalo had a PER of 8.2. That’s “send him to the D-League” level. He was not efficient.

And he’s moving on, reports Marc Stein of ESPN.

Arron Afflalo, I’m told, intends to go ahead with plans to opt out this summer even though a right shoulder injury obviously prevented him from making the post-trade deadline smash in Portland that he’d hoped.

Portland is not going to shed a tear here. First, they would rather give C.J. McCollum those minutes anyway. Plus, Portland would rather use that money on someone else.

Afflalo was set to make $7.9 million next season and likely will have to take a pay cut in the short term. However, he likely lands a multi-year deal and there are playoff teams, even contending teams, will be interested. Afflalo will have options.