Report: Kevin Durant ‘became generally positive’ about Thunder hiring Billy Donovan


The biggest question in the Thunder’s coaching search wasn’t whom they’d hire.

That’d been pretty clear for a while – Billy Donovan, who got the job today.

The key question: What would Kevin Durant, who’ll be a free agent in 2016, think?

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Durant reached out to multiple former University of Florida players in the NBA to gain insight into Donovan, league sources told Yahoo Sports, and became generally positive about the hiring.

That’s good for Oklahoma City.

But it only means so much right now.

Durant has a tendency to support the organization, so it would have been a shock if he were against this hire (though he reportedly wasn’t consulted by general manager Sam Presti). Still, if Durant goes into this with a positive attitude, that makes it more likely Donovan meets the insanely high expectations he’ll have in year one.

And that makes the most important issue – Durant’s opinion of his coach in summer 2016 – more likely to go in Oklahoma City’s favor.