Kevin Love wears Cleveland Indians hat in hospital-bed photo


Kevin Love posted a post-surgery photo from his hospital bed, and it’s nice to see he’s in such good spirits after such a devastating injury that will keep him out the rest of the playoffs.

But did you notice the Cleveland Indians hat?

Of course you noticed it – and Love wanted you to notice it. And he knows how you’ll interpret it – that he’s staying with the Cavaliers next season.

Don’t take that as gospel, though.

Maybe Love has already made up his mind to stick with Cleveland, though I doubt it. Even if he has a plan, there’s plenty of time for it to change.

Love was wearing an Indians hat in November too, and I doubt he has remained 100 percent sold on the Cavaliers since then.

I think Love will remain in Cleveland next season. LeBron James had shown a deeper understanding of Love’s situation, and the Cavaliers showed they had Love’s back after the injury.

But Love is missing the opportunity to strengthen his bond with the team by going through the playoffs.

For every two reasons to believe he’ll stay, there’s one to believe he’ll leave. That tilts the odds in one direction, but it doesn’t make it a lock – no matter what hat Love wears.