PBT Extra with NBASavant.com: Rockets’ wealth of easy buckets fuels win over Mavericks


When people talk about how the Houston Rockets score, the focus is often on James Harden getting to the free throw line or the team’s barrage of three-pointers.

But against Dallas they did it with buckets at the rim.

PBT has partnered with the fantastic NBASavant.com to break down the Sports VU Camera data and look more closely at the advanced stats of the NBA playoffs and what decided a series.


In the first round of the playoffs, Houston had 14 more dunks and 21 total more made baskets in the restricted area than any other playoff team. Dwight Howard’s improved play was just a part of this, as was Dallas’ weak defense.

This you can be sure of, whether they face the Spurs or Clippers in the next round, buckets at the rim will be much harder to come by.