Report: Lakers interested in signing Rajon Rondo as a free agent ‘only at a certain low price’


The Lakers have been interested in adding Rajon Rondo to the roster ever since the beginning of this season.

They tried to trade for him more than once, but ultimately decided that just waiting to sign him this summer as an unrestricted free agent might be the best course of action.

But after a rocky tenure in Dallas that involved clashes with his head coach, a negative net rating in his time on the court, and a mysterious back injury that likely put an end to his time with the Mavericks, there’s no question that Rondo has become a bit less desirable.

As for just how much all of that has affected his chances of signing with the Lakers this summer, well — it’s still something that both Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak are in the process of sorting out.

From Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report:

So there remains a distinct possibility in today’s space-and-shoot NBA that the Los Angeles Lakers will be the torchbearers for the old school and sign the pass-first (nay, pass-only) Rondo to a free-agent contract this summer.

But what should be made clear, according to team sources, is that Buss is not the believer he was earlier in the season when it comes to Rondo, and Kupchak is toting enough healthy skepticism that he sees Rondo as value only at a certain low price. …

The Lakers have higher priorities when it comes to spending their precious 2015 salary-cap space. They are hopeful of buying a foundational piece—something they aren’t convinced Rondo is.

The question with Rondo is whether or not you believe he’s salvageable, and whether or not he can coexist with Lakers head coach Byron Scott.

Teams began to sag heavily off of Rondo defensively because of his poor shooting, and he had been unable to make them pay, at least during his time in Dallas. He also no longer has the speed to consistently blow by defenders on the perimeter and get all the way to the basket.

If the Lakers are going to sign Rondo, then it needs to be at a greatly-reduced price. It seems as though Kupchak and Buss are in agreement on this, which is good news for the team’s future — if in fact they won’t overpay to chase questionable talent that only has a small chance of jumpstarting the rebuilding process.