PBT Extra: What does Kevin Love’s injury mean for his summer plans?


Kevin Love is out for the rest of these playoffs.

What does that mean for the Cavaliers short term? Some spacing issues (and likely a lot of LeBron James at the four) and some vulnerabilities.

What does it mean for Kevin Love’s summer free agency plans? That’s the more interesting topic in this latest PBT Extra. I think it means he’s more likely to stay for at least one more year, but nothing is a lock.

(The second part of this really seems to bother some Cavs fans on Twitter: Yes, he’s going to listen to the Lakers if they call. I know he said mid-season he wasn’t going to LA, but what do you think he used to tell the people in Minnesota? Don’t buy what players say in season when they don’t like the question. Again, I’ve always said I expected Love to stay for a year or two, but he hasn’t been entirely comfortable, there is some appeal to the Lakers, and he will consider his options.)