Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith gets two-game suspension for shot to Jae Crowder’s head


Considering the flagrant style of the blow and his history, J.R. Smith (and the Cavaliers) are lucky it’s not more.

Cleveland’s starting two guard J.R. Smith has been suspended for the first two games of the Eastern Conference Semifinals for this blow to the head of Boston’s Jae Crowder on Sunday, the league announced

Crowder suffered a sprained knee from his fall.

Two games was on the low end of what Smith deserved for this cheep shot — Metta World Peace got six games for his shot to James Harden years ago.

With Kevin Love already ruled out for the entire next round due to his shoulder separation — for which Kelly Olynyk will be suspended one game at the start of next season — the Cavaliers are in a tight spot, down two starters against a Bulls team that has finally gotten healthy and is starting to find its stride.

In other news, Cleveland’s Kendrick Perkins’s second quarter foul for hitting the throat of Crowder while setting a screen has been upgraded to a Flagrant Foul 2 and he has been fined $15,000, the league announced. Perkins should have been ejected for that blow.