Lakers to send Byron Scott to NBA Draft lottery


The Lakers are a proud franchise that is not used to figuring out who to send to the NBA Draft Lottery. They expect to still be playing this time of year.

Not this year.

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak was Los Angeles sports icon Fred Roggin’s radio show on The Beast 980 in Los Angeles (the Clippers flagship station) that coach Byron Scott will represent the Lakers at the draft lottery.

In recent years, the Lakers have sent team owner Jeannie Buss and legend James Worthy to represent the team. We’ll see if Scott can bring the Lakers better luck, although based on his offense I would just expect whatever is most conventional.

Los Angeles had the fourth worst record in the NBA, their odds of keeping their pick is 82.8 percent — if they fall outside the top five the pick reverts to the Philadelphia 76ers (via the Phoenix Suns, part of the Steve Nash trade). Their odds of each of the top five spots: 1st pick 11.9 percent, 2nd pick 12.6 percent, 3rd pick 13.3 percent, 4th pick 9.9% percent, 5th pick 35.1 percent. Yes Lakers fans, the most likely outcome (basically one-in-three) is that you fall to the five spot.

The Lakers did well last season in the draft, getting Julius Randle in the first round and finding a potential gem in Jordan Clarkson in the second round. They need another draft like that (or three) to avoid being in this position again.