Joey Crawford breaks up Spurs’ fastbreak (video)


The Spurs were pushing the ball in Game 2 against the Clippers, and they found Marco Belinelli open for a corner 3.

Enter Joey Crawford.

Crawford determined that was the exact right moment to call a technical foul on Doc Rivers. That seems preposterous, but this time, we shouldn’t blame Crawford. He was just following the NBA rulebook:

Assessment of a technical foul shall be avoided whenever and wherever possible; but, when necessary they are to be assessed without delay or procrastination.

That rule should probably be amended to prevent situations like this, where the other team is harmed.

Belinelli made the technical free throw, but against a set Clippers defense on the ensuing possession, the Spurs missed. Considering Belinelli is a 44 percent shooter on corner 3s (1.3 points per attempt), Rivers helped the Clippers perform 0.3 points better than a reasonable expectation for that possession pre-technical.

Cool defense, Glen.