Rockets’ Jason Terry fined $5,000 for flop against Mavericks


Congratulations to Houston’s Jason Terry — you’ve picked up the first flopping fine of the postseason.

Terry was fined $5,000 by the league for a flop on Tuesday night in Houston. The first offense in the playoffs gets a fine (there are no warnings, like in the regular season).

Midway through the third quarter Terry was out high guarding Dallas’ J.J. Barea, when Barea went to his right to use a Dirk Nowitzki pick. Terry ran into the pick and fell like he was hit with a taser. The officials were not buying it, no foul was called and one of referees even motioned for Terry to get up and keep on playing.

It was certainly a flop, although I’ve seem more egregious ones not called.

Houston went on to win the game thanks to the exploits of Josh Smith and Dwight Howard. Houston now has a 2-0 series lead, and with that Terry isn’t going to be too worried about this fine.