PBT Extra matchup to watch: Brooklyn needs to keep eye on Kyle Korver


Lionel Hollins and I see things differently.

Hollins, the coach of the Brooklyn Nets, said “It’s not like we’re talking (Stephen) Curry” and the Nets were working to slow Korver as a shooter but it’s not like he was creating his shots off the dribble and breaking down their defense.

Hollins is right if you’re viewing Atlanta’s offense like a more traditional, old-school one. And Korver was “only” 5-of-11 from three (plus he had an assist as defenders scrambled to get out to him at the arc and left their man open at the rim).

But Korver had a team-high 21 points for the Hawks and his constant motion off the ball — his curls off handoffs or picks — either gets him open looks or draws defenders to him and opens up looks for teammates as the Hawks whip the ball around in a Spursian way.

In Game 1, it looked to me like the Nets were lucky Korver only had 21, that he could have done more damage. Hollins may not see it that way, he’s right to think the Hawks have other options that need attention. But if the Nets don’t do a better job stopping Korver his Game 1 performance could be just the start of the Nets’ troubles.