PBT Extra: Injuries to stars not reason Scott Brooks is out in Oklahoma City


Scott Brooks is out as the coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

There will people wondering how he could get fired after a season where both Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka were injured. It’s not Brooks’ fault the Thunder didn’t make the playoffs.

That’s not why he was fired, and that’s what I discuss in this PBT Extra. This is all about keeping Durant, who is a free agent in 2016. There were many around the league who questioned if the Thunder could win the big games with Brooks’ simplistic offensive sets (which too often devolved into Durant or Westbrook isolations). OKC is looking for an upgrade. Sort of a Mark Jackson to Steve Kerr kind of move.

We’ll see if Billy Donovan (or Kevin Ollie or Fred Hoiberg) can be that guy, or if OKC decides to try the route of a more trusted current NBA assistant. But they are rolling the dice with a big bet on the line.