Hawks’ Mike Budenholzer named 2014-15 NBA Coach of the Year


The Hawks came out of nowhere to win 60 games during the regular season and finish as the top-seeded team in the Eastern Conference.

As a reward for the accomplishment, Atlanta’s Mike Budenholzer was named Coach of the Year.

The race was fairly close, mainly because there was a go0d argument to be made for Steve Kerr winning it in his first season with the Warriors, for taking a good team and turning them into one that’s potentially historically great.

I’m not sure I agree with Kidd and Stevens finishing third and fourth respectively, mainly because of their team’s won-loss records. The Bucks finished 41-41, and the Celtics finished sub-.500 at 40-42 in the watered-down Eastern Conference.

Gregg Popovich gets overlooked because he’s been guiding the Spurs to at least 50 wins going on 16 straight seasons, and would have been a better choice for third; three of us placed Popovich there on our hypothetical ballots.

But this was a two-man race all along, and Budenholzer winning the award for what he did with this Hawks team was indeed well-deserved.

Full voting results can be viewed below, and if you’re just dying to know who, exactly, decided that Jeff Hornacek was worthy of a vote, a complete list of who voted for whom can be viewed here.

Coach, Team                                           1st                           2nd                      3rd                     Pts

Mike Budenholzer, Atlanta                         67                       58                       4                          513

Steve Kerr, Golden State                              56                       61                       8                          471

Jason Kidd, Milwaukee                                  1                          5                          37                       57

Brad Stevens, Boston                                     2                          4                          28                       50

Gregg Popovich, San Antonio                     3                          —                         23                       38

Kevin McHale, Houston                                 —                         —                         13                       13

Tom Thibodeau, Chicago                              1                          1                          2                          10

Quin Snyder, Utah                                           —                         1                          4                          7

David Blatt, Cleveland                                    —                         —                         3                          3

Doc Rivers, L.A. Clippers                                —                         —                         2                          2

Terry Stotts, Portland                                     —                         —                         2                          2             

Rick Carlisle, Dallas                                         —                         —                         1                          1

Dwane Casey, Toronto                                     —                         —                         1                          1

Jeff Hornacek, Phoenix                                   —                         —                         1                          1

Monty Williams, New Orleans                       —                         —                         1                          1