Monty Williams on Warriors home games: ‘I’m not so sure that the decibel level is legal there, and I’m serious’


The Warriors’ home arena got pretty loud as Golden State built a big lead in Game 1 against the Pelicans.

New Orleans’ Anthony Davis-led comeback quieted the crowd a bit, but that doesn’t diminish the volume at peak levels.

Pelicans coach Monty Williams, via Diamond Leung of Bay Area News Group:

“I’m not so sure that the decibel level is legal there, and I’m serious,” Williams said before Game 2 of the first-round series Monday. “They’ve done studies on that. Being on the competition committee, there’s got to be something to that because it does get a little out of hand.

“I’ve talked about it for years, you’ve got some of the best fans in the league here, and they show up early. The music before the game, they’re playing old school music, and it’s right above your locker room. And you’re like, ‘These people are crazy, man. This is pretty cool.’ So I’m sure it has an effect, but after a few minutes, it’s just basketball.”

Is Williams actually serious? Or is he using “serious” like most people use “literal”?

Because I can’t find an NBA rule that limits crowd noise. This is isn’t the NFL of yesteryear.

Maybe the NBA should have that rule (hint: it shouldn’t), but the competition committee isn’t going to save the Pelicans before tonight’s Game 2.

Hey, maybe the Golden State fans will see Williams’ comments and take it easy. It’s not as if Williams saying this will motivate them to be even louder. That’s not how it works, is it?

If you’re a Comcast subscriber in the Bay Area, you can stream tonight’s Warriors-Pelicans game here.