Draymond Green on “scrimmage” comments vs. Pelicans: “They just felt the need to try to motivate themselves.”


Late in the regular season, the Pelicans pulled out a victory against the Warriors motivated in large part by unnamed Golden State players saying before the game that they were treating it as a scrimmage. This has fueled a little bit of animosity between the two teams going into their first-round series, in which the Warriors took the opening game yesterday.

As usual, Draymond Green had something to say about it. He refused to tell USA Today‘s Sam Amick who exactly made the comment, and downplayed its significance.

“Our team was joking,” Green said. “Their ballboy likes to talk a lot of junk, and we’ll talk junk back. But there’s this belief that I was the one who said it. I’ll take the credit for it, but I’m not. I’m not one to throw someone under the bus.

“They were saying some things. We were saying some things. I wouldn’t necessarily say we called it a scrimmage, but there were some words back and forth. It happens every time we play them. … They just felt the need to try to motivate themselves.”

The Pelicans don’t have much of a chance in this series — Anthony Davis went ballistic yesterday and Golden State still won. But Green’s outspokenness about literally everything is a fun subplot of any playoff series and any interpersonal drama created in the playoffs is great.