Bradley Beal: Billy Donovan will ‘definitely’ leave Florida for NBA

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Billy Donovan is reportedly interested in coaching in the NBA.

But will he actually leave Florida?

He once took the Magic job only to back out and return to the Gators, and we’re only a year removed from Donovan saying he was still happier to stay at Florida.

Wizards guard Bradley Beal, who played for Donovan in college, thinks the answer to that question is yes.

Beal on The Dan Patrick Show:

I agree with the rumors. I think he’ll definitely leave.

I’m with Beal, in part because Beal said that. Beal – who expands on why Donovan would fit well in the pros – obviously has more insight into Donovan’s thinking than most, so it’s telling Beal would say this.

I also leaned that direction prior to hearing Beal, because I don’t think the initial report would have emerged if Donovan weren’t serious. After spurning Orlando before, he risks getting alienated from the league if he keeps leading on teams and then staying at Florida.

It will take an offer – Donovan has been linked to the Magic and Nuggets – but it looks increasingly likely Donovan coaches in the NBA next season.