Report: Dell Demps and Monty Williams told Pelicans must make playoffs to keep jobs


Anthony Davis led the Pelicans to a huge win over the Spurs and a playoff berth.

He also apparently saved the jobs of coach Monty Williams and general manager Dell Demps.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

This is not a good way to run a team.

Credit Demps for building a roster worthy of playoff contention and Williams for managing it to that point. But the three main reasons New Orleans crossed the line into the postseason:

None of that has anything to do with Demps or Williams.

I understand owner Tom Benson placing a premium on winning now, and he’s entitled to set the direction of the franchise. But Demps and Williams either are or are not the right people to deliver. One extra win doesn’t matter in determining that.

Demps too recklessly trades first-round picks. Williams oversees a defense that should be much better. There are legitimate concerns about both, though this duo has also built a team capable of winning in the mid 40s in the powerful Western Conference. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

But keeping them only because they crossed an arbitrary line? Benson needs a lesson in the value of process over results.