Was Shaq lazy? Kobe Bryant wants to know where the media got that idea


Kobe Bryant took to Twitter to defend Russell Westbrook’s 54 points on 43 shots.

Met with positive response to that defeat of a straw man, Kobe again criticized the media.

Kobe’s complaint is mostly fair.

The media overplayed Michael Jordan’s selfishness, Magic Johnson’s coachability, Shaquille O’Neal’s focus and LeBron James’ clutch ability – until those players won championships.

However, that doesn’t mean there was no truth to those issues. Jordan was a bit too concerned with his own production. Johnson did feud a bit too much much with coaches. LeBron did shy from the moment at times. Just because these issues were overhyped doesn’t mean they were nonexistent. These players worked on their flaws, improved and then became more capable of winning a title.

Shaq being lazy, though? I just don’t understand where people would get that idea. Seriously, I have absolutely no idea.