Bucks unveil new logo set, official colors (VIDEO + PHOTOS)


One day after locking up the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference, the Bucks have unveiled a new set of logos and colors. Following their press conference, the team shared the following video detailing all of the logos:

They have a new set of colors — “Goodland Green,” “Cream City Cream” and “Great Lakes Blue.” Most notable is the absence of purple of any kind.

The primary logo is a slightly angrier version of the green deer they use currently, with the letter M subtly incorporated:

The secondary logo is mostly green, with no deer and a more prominent M:

They added a third logo, which incorporates the outline of the state of Wisconsin:

Early verdict: These are good. The current Bucks logos weren’t bad, but they were pretty unremarkable and needed an update. These aren’t too flashy but are enough of a change to justify the rebrand. A good mix of modern and retro. I’ll reserve judgment on the new look as a whole until we see the new uniforms, but so far the new Bucks owners are moving the team’s look in the right direction.