Tony Parker’s explanation of Kawhi Leonard’s emergence perfectly explains Spurs’ sustained success


The Spurs won at least 50 games again this season, keeping a 16-year streak alive of accomplishing a feat that no other team is likely to ever touch.

One reason for that is consistency; the team’s historically great trio of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili recently set the all-time record for most games played by a three-man group, surpassing Boston’s Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish, who held the mark since 1992.

But the other, far more important reason — the lack of ego present in any of the team’s stars, and a willingness to let others take the reins as soon as they’re ready — might be one that’s unique to the San Antonio franchise.

From Dan McCarney of

Kawhi Leonard was the Finals MVP last year, but he’s proven capable of playing at that level for more than just an easily-won five-game series. Without Parker’s willingness to let him be great, the Spurs might not be having the late-season surge they’re experiencing, which has them primed to once again contend for the title — just as they’ve been doing for the past 16 years.