Draymond Green calls out Clippers’ “cocky arrogance”


The Clippers and Warriors don’t like each other very much. That’s common knowledge — their games against each other are always highly physical and they met in the playoffs last season. Draymond Green has been the most outspoken proponent of the anti-Clipper sentiment on the Warriors, most notably with the “Cool story, Glenn” episode, referring to Doc Rivers’ real name.

In a new profile by Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams (which, as with everything Abrams writes, is outstanding and worth reading in its entirety), Green outlines exactly why he hates the Clippers:

“They have a cocky arrogance, like they’ve won something, and they haven’t done nothing,” Green said. “They pretty much been to the same spot in the playoffs we’ve been to. But they have this cockiness like you’re supposed to bow down to them. They ain’t proved nothing. They ain’t earned nothing. What respect have you earned?”

It’s a common sentiment around the NBA, brought on mostly by Rivers’ vocal coaching style and the team’s reputation as a group that argues about every call in every game. As far as the “They haven’t won anything” argument, it’s not wrong, but it’s funny that Green points that out when the Clippers did, in fact, beat the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs last season.

One thing’s for sure: if these teams meet in the playoffs, there will be no shortage of bad blood between them. It should be highly entertaining for the rest of us.