Clippers release video to encourage voters to name DeAndre Jordan as Defensive Player of the Year


Doc Rivers has been going on about DeAndre Jordan’s case for Defensive Player of the Year for quite some time, and even publicly defended Jordan when a piece appeared on a major national media outlet explaining why his impact on the defensive end of the floor isn’t quite as it seems.

Now, the Clippers have joined in the action, releasing a video with highlights and statistics in support of Jordan’s Defensive Player of the Year candidacy.

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The argument against Jordan essentially comes down to his on/off numbers where rebounding percentage is concerned; as Tom Haberstroh detailed, L.A.’s rebounding on the offensive floor is impacted far more when Jordan sits than it is on the defensive end where the award is based.

There are also other worthy candidates in guys like Draymond Green, Rudy Gobert, Kawhi Leonard and potentially others. But there is no clear-cut choice, so the Clippers creating a bit of propaganda in favor of their guy is relatively harmless.

[via Eye on Basketball at CBS Sports]