Report: LeBron James didn’t believe in David Blatt early in season


It took LeBron James a long time to meet with David Blatt after signing with the Cavaliers.

It reportedly took – is taking? – LeBron longer believe in his new coach.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN on LeBron:

He didn’t have a whole lot of faith in the coach. And just me saying that, those people in Cleveland hear that, in the Cavs organization, I’m going to start to get negative commentary, because they don’t believe that. But he didn’t really believe in David Blatt early on.

It showed.

But does LeBron believe in Blatt now?

Though they successfully downplayed their latest controversy, LeBron calling plays and Blatt repeating them, there has been plenty of tensionoverinflated or notbetween the two.

The Cavaliers have played much better lately, but LeBron has been around too long for one strong run to completely change his mind. Remember, it reportedly took Erik Spoelstra well more than a season to gain LeBron’s trust.

And Spoelstra had proven himself a quality NBA coach before LeBron signed with the Heat. Blatt is just a first-year NBA coach, which could be a source of issues. Blatt has a lengthy overseas résumé, and he doesn’t consider himself inexperienced. I’m not convinced LeBron sees Blatt as more than a rookie coach.

Maybe LeBron’s respect for Blatt will grow. I think it already has, though not to a high level. As Blatt continues to learn the NBA game, it could get there. How quickly could have a big effect on Cleveland’s season and future.