Shaq takes shots at Lakers, Clippers during Justin Bieber roast


The point of the Comedy Central event was to mock Justin Bieber. Which is about as difficult as making a Nissin Cup of Noodles. There seemed to be a lot of celebrities, not professional comedians, in on this one, probably because the comedians prefer a challenge.

Shaq was among the celebrity roasters, but he veered off the main topic to poke fun at the Los Angeles basketball teams.

Making fun of the Lakers brings us back to the Cup of Noodles, but Shaq fired shots at Chris Paul, who was in the audience.

For Shaq’s sake let’s hope this was recorded a month ago or so (it likely was) because the Clippers have won seven in a row and have looked pretty good lately.

The shot at the Lakers was slow pitch right down the middle of the plate.

Hat tip to Matt Moore at Eye on Basketball, who never misses anything Bieber related.