Report: Patrick Beverley out for rest of season, including playoffs


Patrick Beverly and the Rockets delayed season-ending season-ending wrist surgery as long as possible.

Unfortunately, surgery is the best course.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

This puts a significant dent in Houston’s chances of advancing deep in the playoffs. Beverley is a lockdown defender, an important counter in a league dominated by point guards.

Jason Terry has played well while starting for Beverley, and Dwight Howard provides a boost. James Harden is as good as ever.

The Rockets are still dangerous – just not as dangerous.

Houston is actually 9-0 with Terry starting, but there’s always a risk the clock strikes midnight on the 37-year-old. Pablo Prigioni raises the floor of the point guard position off the bench, and Harden is the primary playmaker. So, the Rockets don’t need to rely too much on Terry, which bodes well.

Beverley will be a restricted free agent this summer, and how quickly he recovers will have a big impact on his next contract. This surgery, which will remove the opportunity to inflict more long-term damage in the playoffs, will probably better-position Beverley for a payday. It will also add another wrinkle as teams determine what to make of this unique point guard.