Anthony Davis made 100 free throws in arena after Rockets loss


Anthony Davis showed why he’s an MVP candidate Wednesday – posting 24 points, 14 rebounds, three blocks and three steals in a loss to the Rockets.

He also showed why the Pelicans have an especially special star – after the game.

Davis shot just 6-of-14 on free throws in the two-point loss (which went down to – nay, past – the wire).

John Reid of The Times Picayune:

Still dressed in his uniform, Anthony Davis went back on the court after Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Rockets when most of his teammates had already showered and left the Smoothie King Center.

So he went back out to practice. He put up enough free-throw shots until he made a 100 before heading to the locker room to shower. There were no Pelicans coaches around, just one of the Pelicans’ attendants retrieving the ball after Davis put up his shots.

Davis has improved each season he has been in the NBA, including at the free-throw line, where his percentage has gone from 75 to 79 to 81.

It’s easy to see why.