Chase Budinger and Jordan Clarkson exchange clutch points that harm their teams (video)


The Lakers deny tanking, and so do the Timberwolves.

But both teams should be jockeying for draft position. That outweighs the value of a March win in a lost season.

The Lakers, who entered the game with the NBA’s fourth-worst record, faced second-worst Minnesota tonight.

Trying to hold a three-point lead late in regulation, the Lakers played horrendous defense and allowed Chase Budinger an open corner 3-pointer:

That gave the Lakers another chance to blow the game in overtime, but Jordan Clarkson destroyed the Lakers’ ability to make up lottery ground with his clutch free throws:

I know Budinger and Clarkson aren’t tanking. Why would they help their team draft a player who could replace them?

But both, through no fault of their own, hurt their franchises tonight. Clarkson just did so a little more.