Stephen Curry would vote for LeBron James as MVP


Stephen Curry is at the top of many MVP ballots, and rightfully so. As the best player on what’s been one of the league’s best teams all season long, there’s little argument to be made that he doesn’t deserve it.

But it’s an unusually crowded race this season.

We’ve got James Harden carrying the Rockets with Dwight Howard out of the lineup; we’ve got Russell Westbrook putting up triple-doubles on a consistent basis to keep the Thunder in the playoff hunt with Kevin Durant (and now Serge Ibaka) sidelined; we’ve got Anthony Davis just playing at a statistically freakish level; oh, and we’ve got that LeBron James guy, who’s been pretty good for a Cavaliers team that has posted a record of 24-6 since Jan. 15.

Curry wasn’t modest when he was asked who he’d vote for if he had the chance; he admitted he’d take himself. But when that option was off the table, he went with LeBron James.

Check out Curry’s remarks, which he made during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, by viewing the video clip above.