Knicks blow it, pull historic upset of Spurs


At this point in the season, at least eight teams have nothing to play for besides losing and improving draft position.

The Nuggets might be most overt, but the Knicks, Timberwolves, 76ers, Lakers, Magic, Kings and Pistons should have similar goals. The Jazz are also realistically out of playoff race, but they at least arguable have more to gain by continuing their Rudy Gobert-fueled turnaround.

Leave it to the Knicks to screw up losing.

New York beat the Spurs, 104-100, in overtime tonight.

Special credit goes to Tim Duncan, who missed a potential game-tying free throw and then committed a decisive turnover in the final 10 seconds. Some guys just aren’t winners.

For one night, though, the Knicks are.